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Re-acquainting myself with my blog, I realised I posted *one* post last year… :-/  – that is appalling.   So, to you my followers, I apologise.  I will try harder this year!

I had a short break from work over the summer and started to get my summer wardrobe into order (long overdue).   I did also go to the Clegs remnant sale… so picked up lots of lovely fabrics there.

However, first cab off the rank -I should go back to a blouse I finished that I never uploaded.  I finished the blouse June 2014.. I started the blouse June 2013… my excuse was that i was waiting for buttons.  I was waiting for buttons, but not for that long!

Cat shirt

You may notice it is very similar in pattern to my Spring Blouse that I had previously made.  It is the same pattern (one of my own poorly drafted patterns), but I was pleased with the previous success, so I did it all again!  The difference with this one is the sleeves and neck tie are both chiffon – that was mainly due to the limited fabric I had for the body of the blouse.

And yes, the fabric has tiny cat heads on it – what else was I supposed to do with it, but make a Cat Blouse.

Cat Blouse _DSC0135_web


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