I’ve neglected my blog! (Linen & Lace)

It has been a long time, and to my two subscribers out there, I apologise. I have been sewing, and I did go to France for a 4 week holiday (which was wonderful!).

So, for the moment, I present this years Tessuti Award entry.  The theme was linen and lace, using natural (creams, ivorys etc) tones.   I managed to pick up some lovely cream lace in Toulouse on my travels, bought a couple of meters and thought ‘I’ll work the rest out when I get home’!

For a long time I struggled with a concept, and then, two weeks ago, I spotted a dress in a magazine that sparked an idea.

I used my 1950s bodice and collar for the pattern, with a basic mid waist skirt for the bottom.  I overlayed a 3/4 circle around the waist, to carry through the lace idea to the bottom half.  The skirt, waist tie and collar are in a slightly darker linen; the lace, overlay and bodice are in a cream.

The whole dress is french seamed, and the only issue I encountered was the fitting – the requirement is for a size 10 dress – I have the hip and bust measurements thereof, but the waist must be 10cm bigger.  I designed the waist tie, so I could model the dress and pull in the waist to suit.

The few pictures above are not on the Tessuti website, so of course, there are 9 other shots in my online entry if you’d like to see more! Once again, a big thankyou to my wonderful husband for his eye behind the lens.

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