The Fitted Midi-Skirt

Whilst at the Clegs remnant sale, I snagged myself two lovely pieces of Ponti (or Ponte) fabric.  The versatile, stretchy, dense fabric that is my latest favourite all purpose fabric.   One piece was black and white striped, the other taupe.  My mission, to make some more high waisted ‘midi’ skirts for my Summer wardrobe – I already had a dark denim and black high waisted skirt, and the black is not so conducive to a hot day.

One of my favourite looks for work is a high waisted skirt with blouse, shirt or knit tucked into it.  It is also great with a short cardigan (of which there are many in the fashion books at the moment).

The striped skirt is based on my own simple pattern, a front skirt piece and a back skirt, with a wide waistband at the top.  The stretchy fabric means no need for a zip (too easy).


After purchasing the Vogue Pattern 8866 for the “Pretty Girls Sew” jacket challenge last year, I have been working through the other outfits in the pattern.  The top within the pattern is fabulous, and I made that last year (I should blog that one too); and so with my taupe ponti I tried the skirt pattern.

The pattern is great – really good fit (needed to take it in a little bit for my size), but is super comfortable and looks great for work and day wear.   Given the very stretchy nature of the Ponti, I actually removed the zip from the pattern, and added a wide waistband for a more “high waisted” skirt look.

I’m so impressed with the pattern, that I’m going to make another one.. and possibly the dress version for Autumn/Winter – all out of Ponti!!



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