The following images are an index to the Sewn Items created as part of my ‘ASewnItemAWeek’ challenge in 2010.   Each image links to the blog entry for that item.


34: Summer Day-Pants

32: Advent Tree Calendar

31: Floucy Obus Fabric Skirt

30: Grug Library Bag

29: Spring Fancy Collar Blouse

28: Tessuti Awards

27: Purple coat

26: Dumpling Bag

25: Black vest

24: Simplicity 2850 Hat

23: Purple knit dress

21: Mother's Birthday Bag

20: $3 Jersey Knit Top

19: Scalloped Skirt

18: Red Cashmere pullover

16: Revamp w'cheater dress

14: Dress/Top

13: Nani Iro's Baby Bib

12: Blossom Blouse

11: Pumpkin Bag

08: Keeley's Library Bag

07: $5 Fancy Frill skirt

06: Drape-drape inspired top

05: Simplicity Red Dress

04: Mama's Peg Apron

03: Silk Jersey Top

02: Tanya's Tote

01: 80s Jersey Dress

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