A Sewn Item A Week – Week 28

Week 28 – The Tessuti Awards!

I was very excited to discover, back in July, that there was a design competition, in Australia, for sewing, that I could enter!!!   The discovery of the competition aligned with our annual ‘winter break’ to the Dandenongs, and I spent all my time up there designing outfits that I could sew, for the Tessuti Awards.

I came up with around 20 different designs, for both the ‘Frock Up in Colour’ and the ‘Little Black Dress’ categories.   It took me a long time to decide on a design, and even longer plus 3 trips (2 unsuccessful) to Tessuti to try to pick out my fabric.   I went for a stretchy, Viscose with silver thread running through it in the end and started cutting!

So, my final entry, into the ‘Frock Up in Colour’ category is seen above, and of course on the Tessuti website.  The design is my own, and simple, and was inspired by the lovely Cate Blanchett.  I wanted to create something that I thought I could see her walking along the red carpet in: a design that showed off the form of the body, and the fabric.

The dress took around 12 hours all up to make, and the fabric was $26/m – I bought 2m, but only needed around 1m (always overbuying!).   So, if you like it, there is a Visitor’s award on the Tessuti site, so please vote for my entry!!

Lisa Howard – Frock Up in Colour

PS.  I’m catching up with my sewnitems!!


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