1. Black Sequin Flapper Dress

‘Evening readers, I have embarked upon my 2011 sewing challenge – Haute Couture at Home – rising to meet it by completing my first item: a black sequin flapper style dress.


Inspired by the simplicity and the glamour of the 1920s style dresses, I chose to use my remnant sale bargain black sequin fabric to create a dress for my friend’s engagment party.   With a simple neckline, and a low back I carefully detailed my way through the pattern.


After cutting a calico pattern for shape and size I embarked upon the cutting out of the fabric – using my kitchen scissors!  The entire fabric was made of tiny black sequins, and whilst I had read up on the methodology of taking sequins off at the seams and reattaching them after sewing, the notion daunted me.   I did not take off the million sequins at the seams, instead I chose to carefully hand machine my way through each seam.

However, in the process I discovered that each cut sequin was like a tiny knife, not only catching on the rest of the fabric, but biting at my arms and sticking to the dress makers model.   The seams had to be covered!

I cut up a soft black stretch jersey into strips and carefully hand hemming-stitched it over the top of all the seams.  A similar process ensued with the edges of the dress, where I  bias-binding-like tucked the seams under more jersey.

The dress is sleeveless, with a side zip.  To finish the bottom of the dress I purchased a black beaded fringe, also carefully hand-machined to the fabric.

And thus, I think my ‘Haute Couture at Home’ challenge will find my refining my hand sewing skills, and my attention to detail!


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