Spring Blouse

Last year, or perhaps the year before.. my friend and I went to the Alannah Hill Outlet, where the lovely people of Alannah Hill sell off rolls fabric that they are no longer using, and remants (I really should go back there again!).  I picked up this remnant gorgeous creamy, slightly stretchy, floral print – thinking that it would make a really nice blouse.

Much time passed before I was finally both inspired and confident to cut the fabric into a blouse.  I really wanted to make a long sleeved blouse – and there was not quite enough fabric.. so I cut out the main pieces, and had to cobble together the back yoke by sewing the offcuts back into a useable piece of fabric!



I also didn’t have enough fabric for collar or cuffs… I really wanted contrasting details – and was hoping to be able to get fabric that was the dark green-teal colour that some of the floral pattern had.  Unfortunately, no fabric store had that colour.  I also wanted to have silk satin cuffs, and matching silk organza collar tie.  I tried a an orange.. didn’t work, and I didn’t want pink.. so I ended up settling for the dark blue you see here.  I was really please with the end result, it picked out a nice highlight in the blouse colours.

The cuffs I spent a bit of time on – I’m really starting to dislike regular button holes.. so for the cuffs I used bound buttonholes instead, which produced a much lovelier outcome.  The blouse has an invisble zip up the centre.

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