Vogue 8866 – Pretty Girls Sew Trench

Alright, I’m on Instagram and follow the @prettygirlssew, who have monthly sewing challenges – they choose a pattern and everyone sews along.  This was the January-February challenge, that I thought I’d have plenty of time to complete.. but I only just finished 😦

Anyway, it is done now, and I’m very pleased with the result.  The pattern chosen for the month was Vogue 8866, which included a short trench coat with a very flouncy peplum.   As I cut the pattern, I decided there was a bit too much flounce for me, so I edited that component of the jacket to a more conventional peplum cut.

I chose a navy outer, and a green, white and navy geometric print to line the jacket and to accent it – buttons, belt pockets, collar (if you haven’t guessed, I’m choosing navy and green as two of my stable colours for the upcoming autumn/winter season).

Vogue_TrenchI had the buttons and belt made by the lovely Kate at Buttonmania, here in Melbourne.  The Vogue pattern is great – good fit, and probably the only thing I’d change is the pockets (make them actual pockets) and add little tabs to hold the belt in.   The pattern also comes with a great top/dress, which I’m presently busy making outing a ponte fabric, for the autumn.



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