The “Pants Pinafore”

Okay! So, when my husband’s expensive, fine wool suit work pants wore away to a form a massive hole in areas where there should not be holes.. I thought ‘90% of this fabric is in perfect condition, what a waste it would be throw the pants out’.

So I got thinking about what could be done with the suit pants material.  I unstitched both legs so I ended up with two sizeable pieces of fabric.  I salvaged the silk, paisley waistband lining, all the buttons.  Placing the two legs upside down on my dressmakers form, I realised that if cut the legs cleverly I would have enough fabric to make a pinafore.

Using a rough pattern of another dress, I cut two upper bodice yokes – front and back to get the neckline.  This was taken from the hip area of the pants where the fabric was broad enough to fit a pattern piece, and added details of pockets that give an indication of what the fabric used to be.


Looking at the photos, I can see I really need to iron the dress – so apologies!  However, once I had laid out the pants as the dress form, I added diagonal darts (took that idea from the 1960s vintage pattern).   I cut the dress reasonably short, given that the fabric is quite conservative.  Sewed it all up, lined the yoke.. and then put together a little belt from the salvaged waistline fabric.   Voila! A pinafore from hubby’s old pants.   (There is another pair of pants waiting in my sewing room to be converted into something… maybe a bodice..)

PS.  The dress is super easy to wear, and breathable – they do make these suits out of lovely fabric!


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