Superhero Silliness

2014 seemed to be the year of Superhero parties.  I was turning 33 last year, and decided I would host a party, with a superhero theme.  I had decided this some time before a friend of ours announced a hero and villain party.

Given my pre-planning obsession, I had also already selected a suitably random superhero for my own birthday party, so this required some further thinking on my part to find a second (super)hero to dress as to attend the friend’s party, which of course, preceded mine (meaning I couldn’t go as the same character)!

Invisible Woman

For my own party I had chosen The Blonde Phantom.  A 1940s heroin, she was little known, but had a great costume (without the skank-quality of some of the later heroines), as well as being a clever woman.  Technically she didn’t have any superpowers, but she had a little mask, and carried a hand gun.


So, for our friend’s party (which was early winter) I chose to go as Invisible Woman – one has to consider the weather when planning these sorts of things (nothing I hate more than being cold).

There appeared to be a few iterations of her costume throughout the years, but the key components seemed to be: blue fitted suit, black boots, black gloves, black waistband and collar, and of course the number 4 on the chest.


And of course, being a sew-er..  I had to make my own costumes.

Given the wintery nature of this outfit, I wanted to go for a Ponti knit, but couldn’t get the right shade of blue.  Instead I settled for a scuba fabric, which had the right sort of look, however I discovered (a little too late) it wasn’t quite as stretchy as I had hoped.

The basic format of the pattern was to make leggings, a fitted top and then sew them together.   The leggings had to be remade, as I had used a pattern of other leggings I owned, but then discovered the scuba fabric wasn’t as stretchy… and I couldn’t get into the leggings.. so they got re-cut as my sleeves.


The Number 4 I did in felt and appliqued onto the upper front.  Invisible zip up the middle front, and a black jersey fabric upright collar.

I had to make a few amendments to the back of the leggings as well (did not think out that pattern very well before cutting it) – and used a wide black elastic as the waistband.  The black gloves I already had (from a 1920s outfit!) and the black boots are my enormous Tony Bianco black suede heels…

My husband also got a costume – we chose Silver Surfer for him, and whipped him up some supertight leggings in silver 😉


Blonde Phantom

Meanwhile, I had to start planning my own birthday party costume.   I gathered pictures of the Blonde Phantom so I could get the design of the costume right.  The key components were the red, flowing skirt; the exposed midriff; the sweetheart neckline, and the little sun details at the corners (and of course the black face mask).


Getting into the theme, I sent out the party invites, dressing myself as my character for them (as an obscure superhero, I felt I wasn’t really giving anything away by letting people know what I was going to wear..   (If anyone else would like me to illustrate them as a comic strip, please let me know).


And then it was time for the fabric choice.  As a generally natural fabric gal, I had never *ever* used Spandex before, in my entire sewing history – never purchased, never sewn, never touched.  The nature of this costume though.. seemed I had no other choice.

But, gosh, was it easy to work with!! Red spandex for the entire dress – no darts needed, no gathering, no zig-zagging.. why have I never used this before!?  I also got yellow and white spandex to do the detailing, so the whole dress would move and stretch as one.

I interfaced the little suns, and straight stitched them on (appliqueing those warped the fabric something shocking).


The bodice was double lined at the front to ensure clean lines and no funny hems at the mid-riff cutout and sweetheart neck line.

I purchased a little black mask and cut it down to size… and of course made a cake to match the colour and comic theme…


And the last but not least touch, I purchased me some black LimeCrime lipstick… divine… not ever having been a goth, there was something really lovely about wearing black lipstick (matt black) and I wish I had an excuse to wear it more often!!

Oh, and the little gun.. that went ‘Bang’ when you fired it.  My hubby went as the Hulk – much easier costume then the Silver Surfer – this time I just dyed his old pair of jeans purple and ripped off the bottoms!!



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