‘Mum & Me Mitts’ – Lobster.

So, my latest and greatest idea to get rich and famous, was inspired by a friend of mine who long ago made a comment to me – ‘oh, you should make lobster oven mitts!’

It has been a very long time in the planning, but I thought about it ever since, and decided for her birthday this year to do just that – make lobster oven mitts.  Not just for my friend, but also for her young daughter.   Hence – I introduce my latest concept – “Mum & Me Mitts”.   The premise, to encourage young ones to help in the kitchen, the perfect gift is to make Mum and Daughter matching oven mitts.

Next, I needed to actually design the mitts.  I used my own oven mitts as a base template for size (I made my own mitts a few years ago and have them the perfect length and size).

Then I drew lobster claws within the template in black felt tip pen.  I scanned the linework in, and coloured it up in Photoshop… laid it out onto my Spoonflower yard material template, and got my lobster claws printed!  They arrived in the post a few weeks later and I was so delighted with the colour intensity.
The image below shows my original images that I got printed, so whilst you’ll see there is some colour difference, the final output was very satisfactory.   I put layers of cotton and wool batting inside; lined the mitts with oranges and reds, and made the handling side of the mitts black.

So, if you’d like a set of “Mum & Me Mitts” for yourself or someone special, contact me and let me know!!!


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