My 1970s Dress

My Mum still has a collection of patterns that my grandmother ‘Mama’ used back in the 1970s to make dresses for my Mum.  There are some lovely patterns among them, and there was a Simplicity (No. 6329) pattern in particular that I have been wishing to try out for many years.

I saw the perfect cotton lawn at Spotlight the other week (Japanese print) and decided to bite the bullet and just make it.  The pattern was already cut out and altered from when Mama had used it.  I cut it exactly the same.

The dress has 7 panels to make up the skirt, which meets in at the bust in a point.   The bodice is gathered beneath the bust and has a split up the centre to where it joins the collar.   I changed the dress from a back zip to a side zip (I find it really hard to do up back zips by myself when I’m getting changed at work after riding in!).  To accommodate the fitted collar, I also added a centre front opening at the neck – which I have closed with fabric loop button holes, and little heart-shaped buttons in purple.

The dress was lovely and simple to sew, and I hand finished the facings and hem.  The dress also fitted perfectly, with no alterations needed – I had heard that my Mum was the same size as me when she was young – apparently exactly the same shape!  I will now go off and dig through her other old patterns and see what else I can find.

PS – we’re moving house soon, and I’m going to have my very own sewing room.  I’ll post pictures of this exciting event as it happens.. then onto world fashion domination!

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  1. Ria said:

    It looks really nice on you!

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