Steve Madden v Tony Bianco

10 years ago, I would have owned around 6 pairs of shoes – all flats – and used to walk around university primarily in my Redbacks.    Today I own close to 40 pairs of shoes (give or take) – and still own my Redbacks (but only wear them on site.)  My first pair of heels were purchased for me for my Yr 12 formal.  The heel was around 3cm high, and they were the only pair of heels I owned for a good many years (see below).   I sold them on ebay two years ago.

I think (struggling to recall) that the first pair of heels I really bought for *myself *was in the year of many 21st brithdays.  They were silver, solid heel (maybe 5-6cm high) and tied around and around up my leg.  I wore them many times that year, and then realised they were quite tasteless and wore them for a party themed .. let’s say .. ladies of the night and their appointed agents (see above).

2004 saw the end of university, the start of work – the start of proper cash flow – and the introduction of fashionista friends!  So my shoe collection began to expand.  I began to spend more and more on shoes, and slowly the height of the shoe got bigger and bigger.   I remember spending my first serious amount of money a pair of Filipo Raphael shoes ($345) in 2005!  [aside from boots, I actually haven’t spent that much on a single pair of shoes again]

Anyway – what has this got to do with Tony Bianco and Steve Madden you ask?!

Well, I’ll get on with.  2007/8 was a discovery for me: heels aren’t just for really special formal occasions – it’s nice to wear heels out to dinner, or to the movies, or to the office.. or to go shopping… a world was opening up.  It was around this time I found Steve Madden.  I was in shoe heaven.  And so, if I needed a shoe (or felt the need for a shoe) Steve Madden was my first port of call.  Work heels, heels for the sake of heels, and heels for special occasions. (My Steves below)

When the global financial crisis hit, I was devastated to discover Steve Madden Australia was packing up shop.  Abandoning me.  Where would I go for that one special pair of shoes now?  And then I found Tony.   Heels, boots, wedges – AND a DFO at South Wharf.  Tony had beautiful, well made shoes, and by this time I was at the stage when it was becoming important to have the right shoe for every outfit.

So, when I found out Steve was back, I tweeted an apology ‘I’m sorry Steve. While you were away, I fell in love with Tony. @TonyBiancoShoes @SteveMaddenAus‘.

Now, it seems Steve would like to make amends – I have got a VIP invite to the launch of the Steve Madden Flagship Store, here in Melbourne, this coming week.

So, we shall see if I can be wooed with goodies, booze and mini-hamburgers… x


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