Lookbook Spring/Summer 11/12

I have a 5 year plan – world domination!

To kick off this plan, I am preparing my lookbook for this Australian Spring/Summer, for myself and others who might like to follow my trends.

Key colours

Key colours I’m seeing and earmarking out for this season are in keeping with a lot of the block colours that we are seeing around at the moment.   Orange, Red and Blue.   On top of that, we can have splashes of other brights (yellow!), and of course patterns.  Lots of large, floral and feminine patterns.

Key items

Basic skirts – I’m picking  black (always a good basic), orange and blue for base colours.   This means a basic, simple straight solid colour skirt: easy to pair up with pretty tops, and easy to dress up or down depending on your look.

Pants – my pick of the season is 3/4 length jeans.  Now, I have yet been able to find them anywhere .. so I trimmed the bottom of a pair of blue skinny leg jeans.  The important way to wear these this season is super tight.   Like leggings.. but not jeggings!! (I’m not a fan of jeggings, I think they should be banned).   In addition to the 3/4 length blue jeans (dare I call them …’peddle pushers!’), you can also add to your wardrobe orange, yellow, red or black jeans.  This provides extra versatility for looks.


This season I’m calling out that tops should be treated as accessories.  Jewels of your outfit.  This means flamboyant colours, prints.  Shimmering fabrics, soft silks, and details that glitter and shine. Feminine.

I’m also going to add to my wardrobe lovely summer dresses.  Vintage style, well cut, sweetheart line dresses with bows at a tiny waist and skirts that puff out at the hips.

Happy sewing!


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