Distractions – Wedding Invitations

I have been slow to begin my third Haute-Couture at Home, due to being sidelined by my dear friend and her wedding invitation challenge.

My friend Sam had a an idea for her wedding invites, of two lovebirds interlocking beaks on the front of the invitation.   I volunteered to do the invites for her, and set to work to come up with a design.

After designing something we were both happy with, I found myself in the joyous position of having to cut out 90 sets of beaks… Lucky she’s a good friend.

The invitations feature printed names on sculpted paper on the inside; a back pocket enclosing RSVP and Wishing Well cards; a magnet on the back; and of course matching envelopes.   Anyway, I can gladly say (after a Easter break full of cutting) the invites are just about in the post.  Thanks to Sam and Laura in assisting with the cutting and sticking for a day.

Last night I did cut out part of a Vogue pattern that I’ll be using for my next Haute-Couture at Home (a dress I’ll be making for this wedding); and lets just say there will be lace involved!


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