Melway Bag

I’ve gone on a bit of a Melway rampage at the moment.   I think its part of being able to customise things, and me trying to incorporate things that you can’t otherwise get into my custom items… otherwise they aren’t custom..

Anyhoo, I designed myself some custom Keds, with scanned in Melway Map (for those not from Australia, the Melway is the Melbourne Street Directory); and then I decided to also print some Melway pages onto fabric via Spoonflower.

Out of the Melway fabric I wanted to make a bag, so here it is!

A step up from my denim jeans bags, this one has zips and pockets galore:  the main compartment is entered into via zip, the front mobile pocket is zipped, and there is an additional pocket within a pocket on the inside, also zipped!  I retained the front ‘flap’ – I like to have the bag entry concealed – finishes the bag nicely.

I do intend to take this travelling, and with all those zips, less chance of the bag having things fall out of it! Not so easily seen in the photos, I have also padded the top 20cm of the strap, so it’s easier to wear – I usually fill my bags to the max.

Hoping to wear it tomorrow with my Melway Keds, see how it feels!


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