A Sewn Item A Week – wrap up

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to my readers.

It is time for me to wrap up my 2010 challenge of asewnitemaweek.   I think sewing 52 items in one year, with a full time job, and  without house servants, was a little ambitious!

However, I did manage to sew over 30 items in one year, which I think  is still a good effort, and I’ve spent hardly any money on my wardrobe  this year (ex shoes).  From simple jersey knits, to dresses, hats, bags and the Tessuti Awards…  I have cataloged the items I created this year on my 2010 page.

What next?
My task for 2011 is something that came up as part of my entering the  Tessuti awards for the first time this year: Haute Couture at Home.   I was expecting, from myself and other entrants a higher quality of  garment in the awards.  I began to wonder – is it possible to sew high  quality haute couture at home, or do you need a team of people,  designers, pattern makers, sewers and beaders. So instead of trying to  cram an item in each week, I’m going to sew haute couture at home, and  see just how impossible it might be – time wise and resources wise.

My other task in conjunction with haute couture is fashion-photography-digital-art. In an effort to build up my portfolio throughout the  year, I’ll be using my hautecouture items as subjects for my digital  art, and produce one high 2D quality artwork for each item.

The first occasion I will be designing for is my friends engagement  party.  Enough from me now – time to get designing & sewing!

my winning entry into the ‘Advanced Photoshop’ image challenge (AP 068).

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