A Sewn Item A Week – Week 31

Week 31 – Flouncy Obus Fabric Skirt

So, at the start of the year, I went on a shopping trip to the Obus factory outlet, where they were clearing out clothes and fabric.   Cottons, silks, blends – all at massively discounted rates – it was fantastic!

I picked up this delicate silk fabric at the sale, and long wondered what I should make.  Eventually I decided that a layered skirt was in order.  The general idea was to have circles of overlapping fabrics, at angles across the front.

Well, as I began to make the skirt, I came upon hurdle after hurdle.  Firstly, I was cutting a new pattern out for it, and I wanted instead of the normal even number of symetrical panels, to have panels in thirds of the skirt.   For some reason my brain wasn’t calculating the thirds properly when I cut the skirt, and I ended up with the skirt being an additional third to big.   I rectified this, by removing a panel from each layer and then gathering a small amount to take in the rest.

Then came the next hurdle – the trimming edge.   I spent a morning at Clegs trying to find the right trim – I came out with $50 worth of gorgeous blue lace.  When I did a test piece, I discovered the lace was way too stiff for the silk.  So, I had to search again.   The second time I came home with $3 worth of a soft creamy edge that worked much better with the skirt.   I’ll have to find another use for my expensive blue trim.

The last hurdle was the zip.   I was all systems go to finish the skirt weeks ago, sewed in the first half of the zip (Gutterman) and went to unzip it to sew the other side… it would not unzip.  At all!  The pliers came out, the husband was asked to use brute force.   Not a budge.   So, then I had to wait for another opportunity to get to the fabric shop for a new zip.    Anyhoo,   the skirt is now finished, and of course I don’t have any appropriate tops to wear with it.  So, time to get back to the sewing machine again.

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