A Sewn Item A Week – Week 30

Week 30 – Birthday Present: Grug Library Bag

Before I start…

Disclaimer:  I have not sort permission to use the ‘Grug’ motif before constructing this item – it is a one-off, made not for profit, but as a gift for my 2yr old nephew.  I will be contacting Grug Inc before deciding to ever mass produce said item.

Inspiration struck late Thursday night, for a gift for my nephew’s 2nd Birthday (today)… he adores Grug, and I thought – I should make a Grug Library Bag for him – but will I have time?    I pondered the method of making the bag on the Friday, and after brunch with a friend this morning I raced home and began cutting and sewing.

4 hours later, I had a ready gift for the birthday party!

Grug was a favorite of mine as a child, so it was an exciting task.   I looked at the front of a Grug book and sketched out onto calico the appropriate sized Grug for the bag.   I then cut up felt and layered it up onto the front panel.   Toes first, then legs, hand, then ‘fur…  I used an applique type method to fix him onto a stiff denim-like fabric (another cheap Clegs remnant!).   The nose and eyes came last, and I then stitched vertically to make sure Grug was secure from prying hands.

I lined the bag with green, added two straps for carrying and Hey Presto! present ready.  I’m still not sure how the felt will stand up to the test of time with little fingers, but I think the parents will aim to look after the Library Bag as well…


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