Tessuti Award Retrospective

Disclaimer:  This blog post has been in no way authorised or endorsed by Tessuti Fabrics, it is my opinion only, and I have not received any permission from anyone to use any of the photos that I do not own the permissions for.  If your photo is contained within this site and you wish for it to be removed, please let me know and I shall do so immediately.

LdJ design’s Frock Up In Colour Finalists!

After the finalists were announced, I decided I would make my own list of Frock-Up-In-Colour finalists.   I did not entirely agree with the finalists that were chosen by the judges.

So, of course, my work is included in the finalists – though perhaps it was not quite colourful enough to meet the criteria, and a little too simple in its design and execution.

The remaining 6 entries I chose to be finalists are (left to right across than down):  Samantha James; Hollie Bell; Sue Flewell-Smith (who was a finalist); Erika Harder (who was also a finalist); Charlotte Stewart; and Sky Haylock.

I think for me, the reason I have chosen these dresses, is that all of them in some way or other showcase a design that demonstrates the designer’s capabilities; and appears to have been designed to flatter the intended wearer.  All of the above dresses also display a knowledge of one or other sewing technique that has been applied to the design construction.

I also believe that, although design sketches have not always been shown, the dresses above appear to have successfully executed their design intent, by choice of fabric and technique.

Recapping on my experience of entering the Tessuti Awards

I was incredibly excited to enter the Tessuti Awards this year, and delighted to discover it.   I uploaded my photos with gusto, on Tessuti, as well as my blog and on Burdastyle.

I was surprised by what followed.  Within 48hours of me posting my work up some unconstructive comments began to arrive about my work.  Firstly I was accused of trying to cheat by posting my work on Burdastyle (post script – if I could make everyone on Burdastyle vote with 5 hearts for my work I’d be a fricken genius); and then comments about my ‘visible panty line’ – a comment on the wearer’s choice of underwear perhaps, and not the fault of the dress…

I did notice that I was not the only one to receive unkind feedback.  As I scrolled through the pages of the entries, people were leaving all sorts of unkind comments about other entries…  ‘your dress is very unflattering’, ‘this makes your hips look enormous’, ‘the dress is frumpy’ and so-on it went.

I have contributed a number of sewn items to Burdastyle since the beginning of the year, and the only comments people leave for peoples work that I’ve seen, are constructive ones.   I thought there was an unwritten rule ‘if you have nothing constructive to say, than don’t say anything at all’.    There’s ways and ways to help people understand that their work doesn’t suit them, or that they should try a different style.   I had to wonder – was this one of the main reasons I didn’t go into the fashion industry – I just can’t handle harsh criticism?

Houte Couture at Home

I have to say, that I was also mildly disappointed in the overall quality and ingenuity of the designs entered into this year’s Tessuti Awards (with the posible exception of Hyun Gun Jang’s entry).  Many of the entries were by trained Fashion designers.  I looked at Jezebel.com and I thought – why weren’t any of the entries even remotely comparable to this!?

Images from Jezebel.com

It made me think – is it physically possible to create high quality haute-couture at home, or is it just too difficult.  Do you need a laser cutter, a team of beaders, and pattern makers and french-seam-ers to do all your work for you?

I have subsequently decided that I shall be doing another blogging experiment next year (I am thoroughly enjoying my sewnitemaweek).   It will be called ‘Haute Couture at Home’, and I will over the course of the year attempt to create my own haute couture garments, worthy of entering into the Tessuti Awards 2011.   I intend to give next year’s candidates a run for their money.

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  1. Ken said:

    Hi Lisa,

    I loved your dress!

    I’m Tessuti’s web designer, Ken. I feel your frustration with some of the off-colour comments. I had hoped that the community would give positive feedback and encouragement for the dresses in the comments, so we opened the commenting up to all who visited. Unfortunately, with so many visitors to the site, there were a few people who just couldn’t help themselves. I did my best to remove and block them. Overall though, most comments were good.

    This is the first year, having the Tessuti Awards online. We learned a lot. Next year we’ll take what we’ve learned from this year … it will be better.

    I look forward to seeing what you come up with next year Lisa!

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