A Sewn Item A Week – Week 27

Week 27 – Purple/Black coat

Alright, so looking at my calendar, I discover that this week is actually week ending Week 32…. ooohh… dear.   But, having said that this item is complete already, and I’ve just about finished my Tessuti Award… so then I’ll only have a few more to do.   My horoscope promises me a ‘creative high’ this weekend, I shall press on with my sewing (believe me there are so many ideas popping out of my head too – the spring/summer wardrobe), in the hope of catching up.

Anyhoo…. The purple coat – well, the bottom of the coat got a little bit out of control once it was hemmed.  In hindsight, I should have edged it with a trim instead of trying to hem it, but, alack and alas I did not.   The coat is based on the Simplicity 3628 pattern, but I decided to add additional panels to the bottom of the coat.   These looked great until I hemmed it, and not they just stick out.  Hopefully they’ll settle down as I wear it (which I will do quite a lot… given it’s colour and my wardrobe).

So, it’s a wool blend, with covered buttons from my favorite place Buttonmania, and the jacket is fully lined, with pockets and a high stand up collar.   It does look slightly odd… but I like it!


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