What else has LdJ design been up to

I feel some need to explain my falling behind in the ‘asewnitemaweek’ challenge that I set myself.   My sewing machine going in for a service was the beginning of a slippery slope.   I began to go to the gym while my sewing machine was absent, and have continued to go (taking out my Tues and Thurs sewing nights).   My weekends have been full and busy – so many birthdays around.. and of course I was sent to Adelaide for work.  So I am aiming to get a design in for the Tessuti Awards, but time is flying by – and I ran out of calico!!!

The other exciting thing I have been working on is helping to coordinate the release of my husband (Glenn Howard)’s new EP – The April Tree, Autumn Sessions.   Artwork, blogs, updated websites…. and of course the pressing of the EPs!

So many excuses, but this is part of the challenge.   I began the sewnitemaweek to see whether it was possible to sew your own clothes in amongst the daily business of life, to the extent where clothes shopping is not needed.   The answer I think is still ‘yes’.

And of course, one day when Glenn is a massive music celebrity, I’ll have all the time in the world to sew..!

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  1. i200908 said:

    Wow, very nice. thank you!

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