A Sewn Item A Week – Week 26

Week 26 – The Dumpling

‘The Dumpling’.   Fondly named after it’s shape and the ability to ‘dump’ it on the floor.   As noted in my last post, I have begun going to the gym, and developed the need for a tiny bag for my mobile, gym pass and keys to whisk around the gymnasium.     The dumpling is a perfect size, with no unnecessary strings or handles.  It’s centre of gravity is such that it can be plopped on the floor in one movement next to the water bottle and whatever equipment one is using.

Fully lined, it has one button at the top to close it, which forms a tiny ‘handle’ to pick it up by.  It fits mobile (iPhone size), keys, tiny (A7) notebook, and a small pair of gloves.

I may start selling them on etsy for $10, if there is some interest … of course they can be made in any colour/fabric, and even embroided with intials.

1 comment
  1. sandoz18 said:

    I love, love, LOVE this, and would definitely be interested in purchasing something like this on Etsy… or a pattern for it. Perfect for the gym!

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