A Sewn Item A Week – Week 22

Week 22 – A knitted item!

In the absence of my sewing machine (sent off to get a service)… I picked up my knitting needles for a small item to complete – mitts!

Knitted in merino wool that I picked up from the St Andrew’s market, these little mitts are dead simple – which was appropriate, given that I have only just started knitting.   Apologies in advance for the lack of understanding of terminology, but I will try to explain how they were made!  They are a straight piece of knitting, 40sts across (perfect for my tiny hands and wrist that have a 19cm circumference).   I put 5 rows of stocking stitch at the top and bottom of the pieces, and 5 rows from the bottom I added a row of all purl, and then 3 rows from the top I added 3 rows of moss stitch.   Everything in between was knit.      Then to finish off, I simply sewed the sides together, and left a gap for my thumbs!!

They’re super warm, and great for typing on the computer.    Yes, they are very short, but I have purchased longer ones, and find they get in the way, so these were made for practicality.   Given how cold it is in Melbourne this winter, I’m getting a lot of wear out of them around the office and the house.


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