A Sewn Item A Week – Week 19

Week 19 – Scalloped Skirt

I picked up this gorgeous blue spotted linen blend fabric at the Clegs remant sale as well.  Another bargain – for only $10.   Based on a pattern of a skirt I made last winter, it is a very basic scalloped edged skirt.   Each pattern piece (7 in total) rounds up towards the seams at the bottom.   Given that I wanted to make the skirt suitable for winter wear, I decided to add a layer of cream wool crepe beneath the blue linen, and then line the inside as well.    There was a lot of hemming going on!!

I sewed all layers together separately, before trimming the blue layer to the right level of scalloping, and then hemming it.   I then sewed the wool crepe to the blue linen, before trimming and hemming, and then sewed the zip into the back of those two layers.   Lastly I finished the skirt by sewing the lining round the top and down the zip to the top layers.    The skirt has a lovely spring to it when you walk, and the lining beneath ensures that you can wear the skirt with stockings and not have it climb up your legs!


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