A Sewn Item A Week – Week 18

Week 18 – Red Cashmere pullover

I’ve been a little quiet on the blogging front… but I’m catching up again!   It is not unusual for parts of the year to become uninspiring on the creative front, and after the debacle of week 17, I was truly uninspired… however.  I’m back!!  I went to the Clegs remnant sale – and I picked up some bargains.   I could see exactly what I wanted to do with some of the fabric I purchased, and the creativity came forth again.

Week 18, I purchased a remnant for $20 – wool/cashmere blend knit.   It is toasty warm, and a really simple pattern (yes, I’ll post it under patterns shortly!).   It has only the sleeve and sleeve hole seams, a front seam, and shoulder seams.   It has a high neck at the back, which I have lined with a tiny piece of leftover silk, that forms a little triangle.  I added two buttons to the front, but if a stretch fabric lined the neck, the centre seam could be brought up much higher.   If I made another one, I’d probably put the seam down the back of pullover, and I think I’d raise the armholes – only need one jumper with horns on the shoulders!!


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