A Sewn Item A Week – Week 17

Week 17 – Black Pencil Skirt

So, first you might wonder – why the delay in uploading week 17?   Well, not happy with it quite frankly!!    The second thing you’ll be wondering is why are there two skirts in the picture.

Here’s the deal:  So, I’ve made a few pencil skirts, and variations on the theme.  This time, I had diagonally striped black fabric, and I thought to put it at opposing angles at the front and back.   Then I added little pockets at the front.  So far so good – in fact I’m very pleased with the front.

Where it started to go wrong – the back.  I put in a side zip, on a curve – not so good.   Then I added little splits at the back, and then I decided to line it.   The lining connecting to the back was a disaster.  😦

So, the skirt on the right of picture is what it should have looked like in black, but more interesting.   Where to from now?   I think I will (at some stage) chop the front off, and redo the back.  Note to self:  don’t sew the lining to the bottom of the skirt.


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