A Sewn Item A Week – Week 16

Week 16 –  “Revamp w’cheater dress”

Inspired by my friend who had a few.. what I would call ‘classy’ windcheaters, and other items out of windcheater material, I thought I would make a cosy number for the upcoming Melbourne winter season.   Made from ‘windcheater’ material, the fabric (charcoal grey) has a slight stretch to it, and hence this item has no zips.

I have put darts into the front panel, and four buttons toward the neck line.  The cuffs, collar and base of the skirt is made from burgundy ribbing.  I added an additional diagonal seam across the front of the dress for interest (initially in case a zip was needed), and I left off additional red embellishing stitching.

I must say, I think it has been 15 years since I last sewed with ribbing and windcheater fabric, and I am really pleased with the result.   The dress outcome is comfortable, warm and by fluke (or my ingenuity) the ribbing is exactly the same colour as one of my favourite pairs of heels!!   Proof that clothing can be fitted, flattering, warm and comfortable.

  1. Laura said:

    Oh that does look cosy and classy! I love the matching shoes!!

  2. Sue said:

    great looking dress.

  3. carinEssentials said:

    It looks great, and sooo comfortable, and it just looks like the sketch you did. .. and as laura said, the shoes match perfectly.

  4. audrey said:

    It’s very nice !!!

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