A Sewn Item A Week – Week 12

Week 12 – Blossom Blouse

Firstly, apologies that the images are not as good as usual – in effort to get this week onto the blog, I was forced to have an indoor photoshoot – yes, it’s dark when I get home from work now…

I will possibly re-photograph the blouse on the weekend in good light.   This week, week 12, is the ‘Blossom Blouse’.   Probably one of the more costly items, due to the fabric being a beautiful soft, fine cotton, that retails around $50/m.   However, I think it’s worth it – can be worn out, or to work.   It is a fitted style, altered from a blouse/shirt pattern that I developed a few years ago, and continue to alter as I make a new garment.  It is darted to give shape, and this one has only a small stand up collar.   I added little sleeve frill caps, edging the bias in fishing line.  The front of the blouse is done up by tiny black shiny dome buttons.   The sleeves are very fitted and as such only have a tiny cuff/edging.

This item would have cost around $60 for fabric and notions, and around 6-7 hours of time.

  1. kris said:

    Your blouse looks so beautiful – and I love the fabric print 🙂

  2. Maya said:

    Wow! This is gorgeous! I like everything about it! What pattern did you use? Can you share?

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