A Sewn Item A Week – Week 11

Week 11 – Pumpkin Bag

Week 11, we have the Orange ‘Pumpkin’ Bag.   A pattern I made up to fit with the two black round bag handles that I had purchased some time ago.  The bag is fully lined, with an inside zip pocket, and an outside mobile pocket.  It has a button to close over the top of the bag.  The bag has been inspired by similar bags my grandmother used to make, with cane handles.

The fabric was purchased at the Obus sale, and hopefully one day I’ll have a top that will match this bag.

My Week 10 item (also missing from this blog) has been another near failure.  The reason I began this blog of sewing (and completing) an item a week, was so that I could try to avoid failed items, and wasted time and fabric.  Week 10 (using the same fabric as the bag) started as a dress.  I then chopped the bottom off, to turn it into a top… it has since been edited a further 5 times, and now has some fundamental flaws that will need to be rectified prior to it being ‘complete’.  So, I’ve come clean with the tiny reader audience I have, and hopefully this will encourage me to finish what I have started.   Meanwhile, the bag is really cute, and will match my other orange accessories.



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