The Economics of Sewing Your Own

The prospect of having 52 new items in my wardrobe by the end of the year is quite exciting, and somewhat daunting – I’m fairly certain I didn’t buy 52 new items of clothing last year.   So, I’ve thought I should do a sort of economic assessment of the concept.   This will be hard to judge, and slightly skewed as at the beginning of the year (and this process) I already had three containers full of fabric… however, having said that I have also only purchased $350 worth of fabric this year, and I do believe this on top of my existing supply will be just about enough to tie me over.   I’ll keep you posted!

So, I will be adding to my Week Items the cost as best I can tell, and the hours of time – the latter, of course is a huge factor in the economics of sewing your own.   However, if I can achieve the 52 items this year amongst my normal active, working life, then I shouldn’t have much of an excuse any other year.

As a general rule in the past I used to only purchase items that I couldn’t make myself (technically or patience), or couldn’t buy the fabric for less than the garment was selling.   This year, I’ll be making pretty much enough to sustain my need for ‘new’ in my wardrobe, so what – if anything – do I feel the need to purchase fashion-wise?

Shoes. I don’t make shoes, and I’m not going to start!! So, despite me already having 40 pairs, I will probably feel the need to buy more (like the Blue pair in the image above, that I might have bought today).

Leggings. Well, really well fitted leggings or Alexander McQueen ones that I can’t make… I am thinking that I could start making plain leggings though – surely it would just be like sleeves for the legs?  We shall see.  And leggings are definately in this season.

Stockings/Tights. Maybe – I have a huge quantity already, so perhaps I will stick with what I have and use leggings instead.

Cardigans. Soft, merino wool ones – I’ll not be making cardigans, and they are eminently versatile.   Over a dress, a shirt, a blouse, a skivvy, a singlet – have them open, have them closed.  I’m big on cardigans this season too.

So, there are my picks.  And I’ll try to keep myself honest, and let you know if I cave in to any other purchases this year.


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