A Sewn Item A Week – Week 4

Week 4 – Mama’s Peg Apron

Inspired one sunny afternoon by the pegs suspended on the line in the bright blue sky, I decided to turn them into a fabric.  So, I designed and uploaded two versions onto Spoonflower and got them printed! (Spoonflower ‘Pegs on a Line’)

For quite some time I have also been wishing to make something my grandmother, Mama, came up with many decades ago – an apron for holding the pegs.  It was the perfect fabric for the item, thus Mama’s Peg Apron became Week 4 ASewnItemAWeek.   Essentially the Apron is just a waist apron, and one giant pocket.   I used both the fabrics for the apron, with the coloured pegs on the outside and the bluescale pegs on the inside.  I then trimmed the whole apron in a cream cotton bias.

To use the apron – you pop all the pegs into it, tie it around your waist and no more stooping to grab pegs, dropping the pegs because you’ve tried to stuff too many in one hand whilst hanging up the washing… and no more peg buckets overturned by the cat!  When the pegs are not in use, the strings on the apron make it easy to hang up in the laundry.   A really useful item – I will be selling these on Etsy soon, and I will upload the pattern onto here in the next week.

So, thanks Mama, for such an ingenious idea – they’re not hard to make and I think they’ll become more popular.

  1. mmvhamilton said:

    What a wonderful idea from both of you. The perfect honor for women’s work and a beautiful fabric design as well! Congratulations!

    • Thanks mmvhamilton, I’d been wanting to make the apron and publish it for ages… It’s wonderful to have done it at last, and its great to use! I think I’ll be making a few as gifts for friends and family now.

  2. UdeJ said:

    Love your site. I have enjoyed reading all the reflections and this one is a wonderful tribute to Mama. You probably don’t realise it, but you even work the way she did with the feel if the fabric in your fingers, as you move and shape a design idea into being.
    I realise I have been blogging in pen and pencil for years. You have shown me a way to bring images and words together – next will be a lesson in transforming it into a virtual space!

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