Melbourne: high heels are out, parasoles are in!

Melbourne sits beneath a big dirty hole in the ozone layer… this means stepping outside into the sun between 9am-7pm in summer for more than 30mins = fried skin.

Whilst wearing your Sunday best out and about there’s nothing nice about getting sticky 30+ sunscreen all over your good clothes.  The dirt sticks to your face and the sweat accumulates and so on.  Don’t get me wrong – I’m not adcvocating to not wear sunscreen – I’m suggesting there’s an alternative – get yourself sheltered from the sun, and bring your own shade.

Parasol (noun) a lightweight umbrella used, esp. by women, as a sunshade.

Parasols make the perfect accessory to a lovely outfit.  Match colours and styles and the shield yourself from the harsh sun.  Sounds great – my problem is that when I shop online for parasols, the majority of them are for weddings or in gothic style.  I would love to design parasols and get someone to make them for me.  The trick with them I believe is to distinguish them from umbrellas, and add things to them that clearly make them for sun not rain…

Meanwhile, travelling through the city on a daily basis for work, heels seem to be becoming less the norm and more the special outing shoe again.   It is acceptable to wear nice flats to work and out the pub, and generally I see the heels only coming out with the little black dresses.   Have we finally realised how much damage heels are doing to our feet, that we make them more of a ‘sometimes’ shoe.   Please understand too, the context I’m writing in – I have 40 pairs of shoes and 32 of those are heels (10 larger than 4in)!  I love heels, just find it interesting that women no longer feel obliged to wear heels everywhere – it’s a good thing!

So get your flats on, and bring out your fancy parasol to enjoy the sunshine.


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