A Sewn Item A Week – week 3

So, continuing on with my stockpile of lovely cotton knits… this latest project comes from green organic cotton knit and 20cm, yes that’s right, 20cm of silk chiffon.

Very simple fitted knit top with silk embellishing the collar and soft silk sleeves – but this one did take longer than 3 hours to make.   It turns the comfortable t-shirt into a more dressy top, to wear to work with a skirt, or go out with jeans (yes, it will match my white skinny leg jeans so perfectly!) Week 3 – complete, and I’m on roll.  And you’re possibly thinking, well if she’s making such simple items of course an item a week is easy.  BUT – the trick with this whole thing is that I have *so* many incomplete sewing projects at home, that it’s less of an experiment in capability , and more of a commit to your sewing projects and finish them!    Having said that though, I do promise to still make some exotic and haute couture projects this year.

PS> if you want the patterns for these, let me know and I can pop them into the computer and pdf them up.  Catch is – they’re all my size patterns (size 10 as per real pattern sizes, size 6-8 for store bought clothes)!


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